The Story of Woodland Retreat

What makes a house, a home? 
Growing up in mountains, we have been the witnesses to the nurturing done by our mother nature. Himachal’s slow paced life helps us to taste life in its most natural flavors. Our woodland wishes to create a home, which lets one retreat into the life of a ‘pahari’. To make one remember that the world is still beautiful and that living can be fulfilling. To let one see that nature still is our mother, and how peaceful it is to grow in the protection of her warmth. Woodland retreat makes you at home with its indigenous architecture, surroundings of a beautiful apple orchard and its location of a quiet yet lively village, leads you to utmost ease and tranquility. It strikes a balance of comfort and sustainability, progress and tradition, keeping up with all the aspects that city dweller might want while still keeping alive the culture that stems from our roots. Woodland is not just a vacation cottage, but a home where everyday blooms with life.